Most famous types of custom ice cream cups

How to choose ice cream cups

Ice cream is a favorite treat for both children and adults. It is trendy in summer when you want not only to eat something sweet but also to cool down a bit. This delicacy is served in cafes and restaurants in bowls. But more often, ice cream is still eaten on the go, which requires convenient packaging.

The waffle cup was the first to be invented. It does a great job as a container and is also eaten with pleasure. But its production is not a simple matter, but everything is much simpler with paper. And it is this that most ice cream producers use as the primary type of packaging.

The difference between cups and ice cream containers

There are two different types of products on sale: custom ice cream cups and ice cream containers.

While these two products may look very similar at first glance, they are very different. The first – ice cream cups – have an open top that does not support the use of a lid, meaning they are for single use only.

You will need these cups for a single serving of ice cream, ice cream, or frozen yogurt that customers intend to eat in your store or take away within the next few minutes.

The second, ice cream containers, are thinner, taller, and designed to hold a lid. Containers are designed to store ice cream for an extended period, either as a single serving in your store freezer or a customer’s home freezer.

In short, ice cream cups are for serving ice cream in the here and now, while containers are for long-term storage of ice cream.

If your business only sells servings of fresh ice cream, you’ll probably want to focus on buying ice cream cones. However, if you sell pre-packaged ice cream in your store or other outlets, you must package it in containers.

Main types of printed ice cream cups

As a customer focus shifts toward sustainable products, manufacturers have created a range of printed ice cream cups.

Printed ice cream cup options mainly differ based on their environmental impact. You can find such types of cups:

  • biodegradable options,
  • compostable samples,
  • processed products,
  • disposable items.

Ice cream paper cups have a thin film coating of PLA or polyethylene plastic to prevent leakage. PLA coating is more popular because it is compostable and safe.

The best-printed ice cream cups are 100% biodegradable, thanks to the PLA coating. It means that you can dispose of the cups for decomposition or recycling.

Polyethylene coating is not biodegradable, reducing the demand for plastic cups.

You can choose from logo-printed ice cream cups on a matte or glossy surface. A matte finish is ideal if you prefer a rougher surface with more restrained color reproduction. On the other hand, if you like ice cream cups with a bright and shiny color rendering of your logo or another image, we recommend a glossy finish.

Investing in cups increases customer engagement and gives your brand a distinct personality. Choosing high-quality and attractive ice cream cups will attract new customers, outshine your competitors and increase your company’s revenue.

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