Coffee Isn’t Only a Drink.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but this lovely little bush has many uses, particularly from its famous seeds, yes, they are seeds from a fruit, not beans at all. But the fruit itself has a lovely flavour, and the tree has been reformative in some countries as a replacement for the opium trade. Like in the golden triangle of Southeast Asia. Here is a look at things you can do with coffee other than drink it.

  • Coffee Flower Honey: There can be no doubt that the world’s bees are in trouble. But coffee farmers might be able to help. Coffee plants have lovely little white flowers that the bees like just fine. Coffee honey is bright and clean and tastes as good as any other, but the bees are safe in the coffee patch because most coffee is organic, so no pesticides to harm the bees.
  • Coffee Cherry Jam: after the flowers are done the coffee plant is filled with lovely little fruits that are called cherries because they are red and round. There isn’t much meat to the fruit because the seed is so big, but if you pick enough, it makes a lovely jam.
  • Meat Rub: ground coffee is an excellent additive to a meat rub, if you are smoking meat or are having a barbeque. It helps to enhance the smoky flavour.
  • Wash Your Hands: Got something smelly on your hands that won’t go away. Try washing them with coffee grounds. The grit acts as a natural exfoliant, and the properties of the coffee absorbs other smells.
  • Wood Stain: It is probably no surprise that coffee is a common cause of stains, but some time stains are a good thing, and coffee has the properties to bring out the grain in the wood while adding a darker, coffee coloured tone.
  • Organic Grit for Ice: Colder countries have an annual problem with slippery walkways in the winter. Many times, this is dealt with through chemicals that are not good for the environment. Coffee grounds are safe alternative.
  • Drink It: Yes, even with these other uses, coffee is first and foremost a wonderful beverage that is loved the world over. You can order coffee beans online and have coffee beans delivered to your door.

There are many more uses for coffee than there is space to cover here. In many ways the coffee industry improves our lives. Growing coffee is good for the environment, and coffee gives us numerous products as well. But it is most important for the improvement of morning moods.

Lucy Eli

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